Off-Road Luxury Hard Top Caravan

The hardtop trailer improves its adaptability and safety in extreme weather through a series of design optimizations, equipment enhancements and contingency plans.
  • HT-13


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                                                                                       Product Configuration 
Overall Size
5570(L) * 2280(W) *3000(H)/mm
Berths 2-3 Berths
Tare Mass 2030KG
Chassis One piece hot dipped galvanizing chassis painted with chassis armor
Body Two-layer aluminium composite panel with insulation sandwich
Brakes Off road 12'' electric brakes and hand brakes
Suspension Heavy duty 4*independent suspension with dual shock absorbe
Bedroom Easy lifted spring mattress bed for 2 people Sofa mattress with below storage cabine
MOQ 1 Uint

1. Caravan gas system maintenance

• Gas bottle: Check the bottle body and valve regularly for damage and leakage, and replace it according to the specified period. Comply with safety regulations when storing and transporting.

• Gas appliances: such as water heaters, cooktops, etc., regularly check the combustion condition, clean the nozzle, and ensure that the flame is blue and no yellow flame. Ask a professional to conduct a safety check every year.

2. Maintenance of internal facilities:

• Furniture: Clean the surface, check whether hinges, rails, locks, etc., are working properly, and maintain lubrication.

• Bedding: Wash regularly to avoid mold growth. Check the mattress and spring bed frame for damage.

• Kitchen equipment: Clean the stove, microwave oven, refrigerator, etc., and check the vents for obstruction. Refrigerator door seals should be kept clean and flexible.

• Toilet: Clean the toilet, shower area, use special detergent to remove scale. Check that drainpipes are not blocked and seals are not damaged.

Allroad has a top professional technical team, gathering many excellent product development engineers and experienced technical workers.

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