Luxury Toy Hauler Caravan

The hardtop trailer improves its adaptability and safety in extreme weather through a series of design optimizations, equipment enhancements and contingency plans.
  • HT-13


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                                                                                       Product Configuration 
Overall Size
5570(L) * 2280(W) *3000(H)/mm
Berths 2-3 Berths
Tare Mass 2030KG
Chassis One piece hot dipped galvanizing chassis painted with chassis armor
Body Two-layer aluminium composite panel with insulation sandwich
Brakes Off road 12'' electric brakes and hand brakes
Suspension Heavy duty 4*independent suspension with dual shock absorbe
Bedroom Easy lifted spring mattress bed for 2 people Sofa mattress with below storage cabine
MOQ 1 Uint

A Toy Hauler Caravan is a special type of caravan designed to combine the functions of transport and housing. This type of caravan usually has a spacious cargo area at the rear with ramp doors that can be raised and lowered to facilitate the loading and unloading of various outdoor recreational equipment or "toys" such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), motorcycles, and small boats. The interior of the loading area is reinforced and often equipped with folding or detachable sleeping areas, lockers and safety straps to ensure that toys are securely secured while the vehicle is moving.

In addition to the great cargo capacity, the living area of Toy Hauler Caravan is also well equipped, including bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living space and other daily necessities, so that the owner can enjoy a comfortable accommodation experience while enjoying outdoor activities. This versatile design makes the Toy Hauler especially popular among campervan enthusiasts, especially for families or individuals who are keen on outdoor adventure and leisure sports.

Allroad has a top professional technical team, gathering many excellent product development engineers and experienced technical workers.

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