Truck Camper for Pickup

In the design of the lift pickup truck camper, the support rod system is a crucial component, mainly used to ensure that the lift part is stably and reliably raised and fixed, providing sufficient bearing force to ensure the stability and safety of the cabin body in the open and use state.
  • BT220H


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                                                                                             Product Configuration
Product Name Lightweight Truck Camper  from China manufacturer
Product Material Aluminium alloy
Bed 1500*2000MM
Floor Polyvinyl Chloride Floor, color optional
Washroom Yes

As a special type of camper, the maintenance work is crucial to its service life and safety. Here are some key points about pickup camper maintenance:

1. Chassis maintenance:

• Routine maintenance, including oil, oil filter, diesel filter and air filter changes, as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

• Regular inspection of chassis suspension, braking and transmission systems to ensure no wear, corrosion or oil leakage.

2.Tire maintenance:

• Check the tire pressure regularly to ensure that it meets the manufacturer's recommended values; low or high pressure can affect driving safety and tire life.

• Check the tire surface for cracks, bulges or excessive wear, and replace quality tires in time if necessary.

• When parking for a long time, the same part of the tire should be avoided from contacting the ground for a long time to prevent deformation and aging.

3. Power system maintenance:

• The inspection and maintenance of the battery is very important to prevent overcharging, power loss or a long time without charging, reasonable use and regular maintenance can effectively extend the life of the battery.

• If the truck camper is not used for a long time, turn off the main power switch, periodically start the engine to charge the battery, or use an external power source to supplement the battery.

Allroad has a top professional technical team, gathering many excellent product development engineers and experienced technical workers.

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