Toy Hauler Caravan for Sale

The hardtop trailer improves its adaptability and safety in extreme weather through a series of design optimizations, equipment enhancements and contingency plans.
  • HT-18


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                                                                                       Product Configuration 
Overall Size
7549mm(L) x 2280mm(W) x 3042mm(H)
Berths 3 Berths
Tare Mass 2700KG
Chassis One piece hot dipped galvanizing chassis painted with chassis armor
Body Two-layer aluminium composite panel with insulation sandwich
Brakes Off road 12'' electric brakes and hand brakes
Suspension Heavy duty 4*independent suspension with dual shock absorbe
Bedroom Queen size bed 1,500mm*2,000mm
MOQ 1 Uint

Hard top caravan refers to a type of caravan that has a permanently fixed, solid roof rather than a retractable or pop-up roof.  This design differs significantly from the pop-top caravans that are common in some markets, including Australia.

The primary characteristics and advantages of a hard top caravan include:

1.  Rigid Structure

The hard top construction ensures a stronger and more stable overall structure, which is beneficial for both driving stability while towing and for withstanding harsh environmental conditions such as strong winds or heavy rain.

2.  Improved Insulation

A hard top caravan offers better insulation properties compared to a pop-up caravan, maintaining a more consistent internal temperature throughout the year, making it ideal for all-season camping trips.

3.  Enhanced Security

The fixed roof reduces the chances of any break-ins or water leaks, providing a sense of security for belongings inside.

4.  Convenience

There is no need to raise or lower the roof upon arrival at a campsite, simplifying setup and reducing maintenance needs.

5.  Design Flexibility

The lack of a folding mechanism allows for more complex and luxurious interior designs with higher ceilings, larger windows, and built-in fixtures like cabinets, appliances, and possibly even a full-sized bathroom and bedroom.

6.  Longevity

The absence of moving parts associated with pop-up roofs means fewer mechanical issues over time, contributing to a longer lifespan.

Hard top caravans often appeal to travelers who prioritize comfort, ease of use, and durability in their mobile accommodation.  These caravans are commonly found in various sizes and configurations, ranging from compact units for couples to larger family-sized models with multiple bedrooms and ample living spaces.

Allroad has a top professional technical team, gathering many excellent product development engineers and experienced technical workers.

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