Pop Top Trailer Caravan

A pop top caravan, also known as a lift-up or popup caravan,that offers a compact and versatile solution for travelers seeking a mobile home away from home. It's especially popular among those who prefer a lightweight, easy-to-tow option without compromising on comfort and essential amenities.
  • T15A


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                                                                                        Product Configuration
Overall Size 6371(L)*2100(W)*2465(H)/mm
Tare Mass 2230KG
Berth 4-5 Berths
Chassis One-piece welded and fully hot dipped galvanized chassis with tar paint
Kitchen System Yes
Pop Top Tent and Roof 1-pcs aluminium plate,flap in PVC waterproof tent with 6 large windows
MOQ 1 Unit

To ensure that you can use caravan safely, comfortably and legally, here are some important things to remember:

1. Driving safety:

• Ensure that caravan drivers are legally qualified to drive and are familiar with driving techniques and road rules for such large vehicles.

• Consider the overall length, height, and weight of the caravan, especially when turning, merging, overtaking, and crossing Bridges, tunnels, etc.

• Before starting, check whether the trailer is firmly connected, and whether the braking system and light signal are working normally.

2. Load balancing:

• When loading luggage, keep the weight evenly distributed to avoid excessive weight resulting in unstable driving.

Do not exceed the maximum allowable total mass of the caravan, including passengers, cargo and water storage.

Allroad has a top professional technical team, gathering many excellent product development engineers and experienced technical workers.

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