Off-road Truck Camper

In the design of the lift pickup truck camper, the support rod system is a crucial component, mainly used to ensure that the lift part is stably and reliably raised and fixed, providing sufficient bearing force to ensure the stability and safety of the cabin body in the open and use state.
  • BT220H


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                                                                                             Product Configuration
Product Name Lightweight Truck Camper  from China manufacturer
Product Material Aluminium alloy
Bed 1500*2000MM
Floor Polyvinyl Chloride Floor, color optional
Washroom Yes

Removable or fixed living units are installed in the cargo area of the pickup truck to form a mobile home that integrates the cab and living space. This truck camper features a combination of the high passability and off-road performance of a pickup truck and is suitable for families or individuals who enjoy outdoor adventures and long trips. The living area of a pickup truck typically includes a sleeping area, a simple kitchen, storage space, and possible dining and sanitation facilities. Due to their relatively small size and strong terrain adaptability, pickup RVS are particularly popular in North America and are increasingly sought after in other regions.

Allroad has a top professional technical team, gathering many excellent product development engineers and experienced technical workers.

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