Aluminum Truck Campers

In the design of the lift pickup truck camper, the support rod system is a crucial component, mainly used to ensure that the lift part is stably and reliably raised and fixed, providing sufficient bearing force to ensure the stability and safety of the cabin body in the open and use state.
  • BT220H


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                                                                                             Product Configuration
Product Name Lightweight Truck Camper  from China manufacturer
Product Material Aluminium alloy
Bed 1500*2000MM
Floor Polyvinyl Chloride Floor, color optional
Washroom Yes

Pickup camper how to maintain?

1.Water system maintenance:

• According to seasonal changes, timely drain the water in the clean water tank, gray water tank and black water tank to prevent freezing damage to the pipeline.

• Check the water system regularly to clean up potential clogging problems.

2.Maintenance of internal facilities:

• Clean and inspect the refrigerator, which should be thoroughly cleaned and kept dry when not in use for a long time to prevent odors and bacteria growth.

• Regularly check the electrical equipment and furniture in the car to ensure that all connections are tight and functional.

3. Outdoor protection:

• The exterior of the body should be cleaned and waxed regularly to prevent the paint from aging and rust.

• Tires and other rubber products should be avoided from prolonged exposure to sunlight to slow the rate of aging.

4.Seasonal maintenance:

• According to different seasonal characteristics, for example, pay attention to anti-freezing measures in winter, and pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning systems in summer.

Through the above maintenance measures, you can help the pickup truck camper to maintain a good working condition to ensure that each trip can be smooth and safe.

Allroad has a top professional technical team, gathering many excellent product development engineers and experienced technical workers.

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