What is the caravan?

Caravans are a cheap and cheerful option when it comes to exploring the world. Often available at under £1000 second-hand, they are significantly cheaper than motorhomes and campervans of a similar size. Especially in more modern models, the caravan also has the added advantage of being purpose built, relatively sturdy and often surprisingly luxurious (within reason). However, these modern models tend to be far less cheap, and while half the price of a similarly sized motorhome, at £20,000 a pop, this is still a hefty investment!

However, there’s a reason for this relatively low price: you have to tow the caravan. As is known by anyone who has ever towed anything, towing is only ever moments away from going horribly wrong. While you may have a double bed, kitchenette, toilet and shower all on-board, you are completely reliant on the power of your towing vehicle. As such, you won’t be able to explore in the same way you can in a campervan or motorhome, as the unwieldy nature of the caravan can make towing in off-road situations all but impossible. While luxurious for their price bracket, a caravan is a compromise that sacrifices many of the greatest enjoyments of an adventurous holiday!



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