What should I prepare for the first time using caravan? (Part1)

Plan well 

Before you head out into the world, you need to know where you’re going to go. Every journey in a caravan starts with a plan of some sort. While it’s often vague and prone to change, having some semblance of a plan is essential, even if only to know where you’ll be parking up each night.

Check out forums

If you’re heading somewhere in your caravan, you can guarantee that someone else will have been there first. Don’t be afraid to join forums and ask around for advice – the caravan community is always happy to welcome new members into the fold!

Be organised

When you’re planning your trip, be organised about it. Make sure you know enough about where you’re going, and about the environment you’re heading into, and that the items you pack reflect that appropriately.

Take the bikes

Caravan is fantastic in its own right, but when combined with a bicycle, the experience can be transformed. A bike gives you the freedom to head out and explore where your caravan cannot go, allowing you to park up for the day, and cycle into the unknown.

Be prepared for the weather

While we all want the weather to be good when we’re travelling, don’t just ignore the fact that bad weather can happen. Check the weather in advance, and make sure that you bring the right tools for the job! For summer in Spain, don’t forget the suncream, but for a summer in Scotland, you’d better bring a good raincoat!

Don’t forget proper insurance

It sounds silly, but before you set off, make sure you know the details of your insurance. You don’t want to be caught out by a large excess, or by not knowing if your contents are covered. If you don’t know, make sure you ask our team!

Invest in extra safety devices

When you’re heading out in the caravan, we all take a sat nav system.  But sometimes, that’s not enough. If you’re worried about driving in a larger vehicle, get a dashcam and reversing camera so you know you’re covered.

Don’t forget any of your essentials

It sounds silly, but before you set off to pick up your caravan, double check everything! Make sure that you have your passports and driving license, your chargers, medications because there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get more!

Watch the weight

More than anything, watch the weight of your vehicle. Every caravan is rated up to a specified tonnage, and if you exceed it, you risk damaging the vehicle or make it unsafe to drive. If you’re uncertain about how much weight your caravan can handle, just ask our staff or check online on our website.

Check your tyre pressure

Caravan wheel blowouts are a common cause of road accident insurance claim, a real sign that you have to keep your eyes on your tyres. Make sure that you know the appropriate pressure values for your tyres and keep your vehicle safe.



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