What should I prepare for the first time using caravan? (Part2)

Enough seatbelts 

Make sure that your caravan is going to have enough seatbelts for the passengers you’re carrying. Wearing a seatbelt is compulsory in a moving caravan, and failing to do so can result in serious injury.

Know the height and width

If you’re driving a caravan, one of the things that often won’t be covered by your insurance is damage to the upper bodywork of your caravan caused by your driving. Make sure you avoid any unnecessary bumps or knocks by knowing the size of your caravan, and planning your routes accordingly. Driving under a low bridge in a car is safe enough, but in a 2.5 metre caravan it can end in a nasty surprise!

Use your mirrors

If you’re not used to driving a larger vehicle, a caravan can be quite a step up. Make sure you set up your mirrors so you can see the sides of your vehicle and the road around you.

Take it steady

Caravan is not (usually!) a racing sport. Getting from A to B isn’t a rush, so make sure you stick to the speed limits and take breaks when driving. Handling such a large vehicle can tire you out, so frequent breaks will help you keep your journeys safe.

Use the campsite facilities

Convenient as it is to be able to use your onboard shower and toilet, it is worth considering using campsite facilities where possible. Obtaining water and toilet chemicals when there are free alternatives is an expense you can avoid. More importantly, remember to plug your caravan into mains power so you don’t have to worry about the limits of your leisure battery!

Stay security conscious

To avoid thefts, make sure you leave your caravan locked up when you intend to be away from it. Keep the windows closed, valuables out of sight, and try to be mindful about the location of your valuables when you’re sat with the door open on a campsite.

Shut it!

When you’re about to set off on a drive in the caravan, make sure everything inside is shut and locked. Failing to do so can leave your pots and pans flying around the inside, something we recommend avoiding to prevent the risk of damage! Also ensure that the windows are shut when during rain – avoiding damp in a caravan is a must.

Have some loose change

When you’re driving around, always keep some loose change available in the cab. This is true whether you are driving in the UK or in Europe, because you never know when you’ll need it for a toll or for a carpark fee!

Tell your friends

When you’ve finished up your caravan experience, tell your friends about it! The caravan community is always looking for more members, and we want to show the world that there is fun to be had in a caravan.

Relax and have fun

Most importantly, make sure you relax and have fun! Whether you’re on a family trip to the Lake District, a solo adventure around Europe, or travelling with friends around the Scottish Highlands, the most important thing to do is have fun and enjoy the freedom of the road.



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