How to choose caravan or RV?

Advantages and disadvantages of buying RV:


RV no matter B or C type, more maneuverability.Parking is also easier.


RV because it is a combination of room + car, so in the failure rate is higher than caravan, later maintenance and drag hanging compared to relatively troublesome. In addition, RV are affected by emissions and other policies, and the early depreciation is faster than caravan.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of buy caravan:


The advantages of caravan is a large space, more complete living facilities, real mobile “home” feeling. Pay attention to the vehicle driving experience, know the right play users caravan, recommend to buy caravan! Caravan the biggest advantage is relatively higher cost performance, because it does not involve chassis power system problems, and the price will be lower.


You need to have good driving skills, and you need to plan your trip and plan your camp supplies in advance.

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